It all started with the helplessness of Tobias Cvijic with his ADHD diagnosis. At the same time, it was also his biggest motivation to look for alternative treatments. Gründer Tobias visited various medical practices time and time again. However, his symptoms were only suppressed temporarily and not treated during his visits to various medical practices. That even went so far that the medication caused a chronic inflammation of the esophagus. The doctors’ response was sobering: take additional medications. Possibly with other side effects and all of this for a lifetime.

Tobias started to explore the neurochemistry and metabolism in the nervous system alongside his studies, to find out if there was another way that could help him. Within a few months, he had independently solved his ADHD problem with the help of individual amino acids and nutrients. From this first life-changing success, serotalin® was born.

Serotalin develops and distributes food supplements that have a positive impact on neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, thus contributing to more happiness and motivation.

The Good Brands’ investment took place in 2021 with a 16% stake.


CEO & Founder
Tobias Cvijic
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