Wine Guys

Forced to inactivity during the first lockdown, successful sports travel organizer Karl Gladeck and self-proclaimed Winepunk Marco Zanetti devoted themselves to their favorite topic and started filming the first videos on their couch. In mid-2020, they came up with the idea for their startup WINE GUYS.

As neither travel, events nor restaurant visits were possible, experiences had to become accessible in a different way. They decide to combine the best of their worlds: wine, travel, culinary arts, and sports. In entertaining video formats on Youtube, the two founders Karl and Marco share their knowledge and taste notes about wine, places, and conversations with prominent athletes. In times of social distancing, they have created a meeting place for all wine-loving pleasure seekers.

This idea convinced wine enthusiasts Marc and Matthias. Good Brands AG has a stake of 11.6% in WINE GUYS.

In their webshop, Karl and Marco offer a variety of wines and aperitifs. The “digital sommelier” provides advice offline on which wine is best suited for which occasion and which dish. Additionally, it is possible to participate in online live wine tastings.


CEO & Founder
Karl Gladeck & Marco Zanetti
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