Keyota is growing and is ready for the launch of their digital lock solution.
Innovative technology for higher security, flexibility, and control in accessing apartments and houses.

In the past few weeks, the team at Keyota has grown and now consists of seven employees. The young company is already working on their digital locking solution, which is expected to be launched on the market in the second quarter of 2023.

But what is Keyota actually? The company is developing a digital locking solution that allows users to open the door of their house, apartment or entire residential units using a token or smartphone. The technology is based on radio frequency technology, which is also used for reading meter readings and works even in deep basements. As a result, the solution requires significantly lower installation costs and is not dependent on the usually mandatory LAN connection. In addition, due to its interfaces, it can be easily integrated into existing (management) systems.

The solution not only enhances the security, flexibility, and control regarding access to our homes and apartments, but it also impresses with the innovative technology that is being used.

The team is confident that their solution will provide real added value for both B2B and B2C customers and is looking forward to the launch.

We look forward to further developments and wish Keyota continued success!

31.01.2023 | Mannheim, Germany

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