Seifenbrause from ‘Die Höhle der Löwen’ now available at dm
Sustainable Fragrance Diversity for Environmentally Conscious Consumers

For those who are looking for fancy and natural scents in the bathroom, Seifenbrause now has something special to offer. The founders Moritz Simsch and Sebastian Jung have developed a soap shower that not only cares for the skin, but also protects the environment.

The soap shower and shower gel from Seifenbrause are now available in selected dm stores in Germany. By using the products, you can not only reduce greenhouse gases, but also set new standards for sustainability and comfort. Both products are certified natural cosmetics and offer a wide range of fragrance compositions, such as raspberry mint, eucalyptus thyme, peony and many more.

Seifenbrause also relies on convenient sherbet refills to save space and weight in your shopping bag, pantry, and trash can. In this way, they make an important contribution to climate protection and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Visit one of the selected dm stores and discover the ph-neutral fragrance compositions of Seifenbrause. Do something good for yourself and our environment!

21.04.2023 | Munich

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