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Who doesn’t know the good old 3D glasses, which are needed to make the spatial depth effect of 3D photos and movies visible? The primary functionality of 3D glasses is based on filtering, so that each eye perceives only the corresponding stereoscopic half-image for the left or right eye1.

United Screens makes traditional 3D glasses obsolete.

United Screens offers customers advanced glasses-free 3D displays and solutions for visualization & presentation, design & collaboration, retail, education, as well as events and brand activation. Glasses-free 3D displays have been proven to increase attention, perception, and understanding in areas where three-dimensional data is becoming increasingly central to product development, research, or education – and all without any barriers.

Siemens, L’Oréal, Canon and Universal are some of the companies that recognize the added value that United Screens offers and are already using their glasses-free 3D displays.

The Good Brands recognized the potential and secured a 10% stake in the Berlin-based start-up founded by Harald Roth.

1Source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/3D-Brille


Harald Roth
Hannes Harder
Frank Budenhagen
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