Von Jungfeld

In 2013, Matthias and Marc met the founders Maria and Lucas at a start-up event. The founding team was able to win over Marc and Matthias directly. In the following weeks, there was a lively exchange between the four of them. Several meetings and sleepless nights later, the idea was born: to produce men’s socks in exclusive quality, in a wide range of colors, in a sustainable manner.

Matthias and Marc acquired around 29% of the young fashion label Jungfeld. Today, almost 10 years later, Good Brands AG is still a reliable partner and investor of the brand. Together we were able to position the brand both online and in brick-and-mortar retail, and it is now available at over 500 offline sales points.

In recent years, the brand has been continuously expanded and the product range has been diversified. Today, besides the socks for women and men, T-shirts and boxers made of organic cotton (by the way, with Ökotex 100 standard and GOTS certifications) are also available.

In mid-2023, we were able to recruit Alexander Lindemann as Managing Director for von Jungfeld. With his many years of experience as Head of Marketing at Seidensticker and most recently at Liebeskind, he brings with him valuable know-how, new thoughts, strategies and approaches that he will pursue together with his team to make the brand even more successful. Gemeinsam werden wir die Erfolgsgeschichte „von Jungfeld“ fortschreiben und die Marke noch weiter stärken.


Alexander Lindemann
Maria Pentschev and Lucas Pulkert
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