Serotalin – The success story continues.
After a successful sales launch, the company relies on customer feedback for a new product.

We are delighted to announce that Serotalin has expanded its product range and developed a new product specifically for children.

After the successful launch of the vibrant orange #happycapsules at dm, in their own online shop, as well as on Amazon, founder Tobias and his team received numerous inquiries from customers asking for products specifically for children. Serotalin then contacted all customers on their email list and asked for their feedback and wishes. The feedback was so positive and extensive that the team spent several days solely on evaluating, analyzing, and prioritizing customer needs.

Serotalin has set the ambitious goal of making people happier and therefore involves its customers in product development. With over 100,000 satisfied customers, this is an ambitious project.

The launch of the new junior product is planned for this spring.

16.02.2023 | Bad Abbach, Germany

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